Precious metal products and articles

I know how big a market in industry and research are special accessories and products made of precious metals or their alloys.

Therefore, our offer includes products such as:

• Class S, R and B thermocouple wires made of Pt99 and PtRh alloys
• Crucibles, evaporating dishes, stands dedicated to laboratory tests made of Pt, PtIr and PtAu alloys
• Specialized laboratory accessories made of Pt, PtRh, PtIr and PtAu alloys
• Elements made of PtRh for the glass industry (tubes, meshes, power supplies, meshes, etc.)
• Elements for the chemical industry such as catalytic grids, plates, etc.
• Elements for the metallurgical industry, such as thermocouple covers, wires and plates made of Pt, PtRh

All products or accessories are made by reputable manufacturers and of the highest standards.

Current price Platinum wires of thermocouples Pt + Rh type B:

36.80 €/


Platinum wires of thermocouples Pt + Rh type B