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Cooperation with Uniqmetal

Cooperation with Uniqmetal pays off because:


We are not just another broker. For years, we have been supplying raw materials from renowned metal refineries and production plants around the world, thanks to which we can offer you the highest purchase prices.

Easy contact. Out of concern for your time and money, we respond to all requests as quickly as possible. When our sales offices are closed, please contact us by e-mail or contact form.

Simple and safe transaction procedure. Depending on the chosen form of transaction, our representatives will inform you about the sale procedure. By increasing the transparency of commercial terms, we always provide final prices, to which we do not add any additional costs.

No hidden costs. We always provide the final prices for the client. We do not charge additional fees for transport, analysis, metal processing (melting, refining, etc.) and

losses during processing.

Modern research equipment. The basis for the correct valuation of the delivered goods is a thorough analysis. In order to be able to offer you the best prices, we invest in top-class research equipment, reducing the cost of the analysis itself and increasing its accuracy.

We offer the best prices. When valuing your goods, we always base on the actual prices of raw materials and currencies from world exchanges. We also use financial solutions that allow us to reduce transaction costs related to currency exchange to the minimum rates on the market.

Cooperation with Uniqmetal
Trading in precious metal alloys

Trading in precious metal alloys

We have been trading in rare and precious metals for over 15 years. So far, we have cooperated mainly with business clients.


Years of experience and a strong market position have prompted us to expand in the area of ​​services for individual clients. For over two years, we have been gaining trust with the high quality of services related to the purchase of precious metals from end customers.


Every day we gain new customers taking care of the highest quality of our services, offering maximum benefits while maintaining the best prices.